Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t feel like I’m ‘spiritual’ enough for yoga. What’s your advice for me?

There is no spiritual requirement for practicing yoga.  Everyone has different reasons for being interested and that is okay, we are allowed to be different!  I was initially motivated by the physical part of the practice and have continued to stick with it because of the additional mental benefits.  My advice is to keep an open mind and heart and embrace being a beginner again!

Do you have private lessons or just teach group classes?

I do both! My class schedule is listed here and my prices for private individual or small group trainings are listed here.

What’s the value of doing private classes?

Private sessions allow for individual attention and personalization.  

• For beginners, it is beneficial to learn the names and correct alignment for the postures.  This will set you up for success and inspire confidence within your practice during group class settings.

• For those with injuries or other physical limitations, it is a great way to learn specific modifications that promote self awareness and empowerment rather than frustration with your body.  

• For everyone else: If you’ve tried a few classes but haven’t found anything that feels quite right with a private session, you are the inspiration for the creation of the sequence; it is designed to fit you not the other way around. 

If you have any questions about your practice, you have a safe space to ask and explore possibilities.

What do I need to bring?

The great thing about yoga is it is relatively low maintenance and can be done practically anywhere.  All you need is your body, your breath, an open mind, and compassion for yourself.  You can also bring a mat if you have one!

How should I dress?

Wear something that you feel comfortable moving and sitting in, any type of yoga/gym tops and bottoms.  Choose something that makes you feel confident being in your own skin and no shoes required!

What will happen at our first lesson?

In our first session I will guide you through a flow designed for you based off of our initial consultation regarding what motivated you to invest in yourself.  I will provide specific alignment cues and modifications along the way and attentively asses your form for challenges/opportunities to better assist you in achieving your wellness goals in the future.

I am worried that I won’t be challenged.  What level of physical difficulty is your teaching style?

If you’re used to higher intensity movement and would like to incorporate that style into your practice I will customize a more physically demanding practice for you.  I have three different yoga certifications allowing me to understand and intelligently sequence classes ranging from slower and more mindful to faster and more strength based.  I understand that everyone has different motives for wanting to practice yoga and I always aim to meet you where you are at.