Daily Routines

I currently work at a local business that specializes in cold pressed juices and adaptogenic coffee/ tea lattes, in addition to teaching yoga.  I began as a customer who was (and still is) a huge fan of their creations and overall mission of helping others heal themselves through food.  I am fortunate enough to have become a part of the team.  I have learned so many things already, especially about nutrition. Recently when I was working the counter at our kitchen location one of their practices sparked an idea that resonated with me.  At the end of the day prepare for tomorrow.  So simple but, so impactful.

Our kitchen team presses juices daily.  They begin by processing the fruits and veggies and bottling what’s produced.  They’re not finished when the daily juices requirements are filled though, they do something that I recognized can be applied to anyone’s daily routine.  They prep for tomorrow.

The veggies are already washed, weighed, and sorted into appropriate boxes so that all our team has to do is begin juicing.  Instead of starting the day with an uphill battle of having to do the challenging tasks they can get the momentum going and finish production much earlier.  This is not just a practice that kitchens can benefit from.

I have read about/ listened to countless interviews that discuss the importance of a morning routine.  I do recognize that a daily ritual helps mentally ease me into the choas that may arise throughout the day and do stick to it regularly.  However, some mornings I still really struggle with getting everything done in time.  Adopting an evening prep practice has changed everything.  Instead of feeling a slight anxiousness as I work though my journal and read my daily chapter in bed, I can stay present through those activities knowing my bags are packed with everything I need for the day and waiting for me by the door.  My lunch has been made, my water filled, and all I have to do is change before I go.

Thinking back in kitchen terms, it is about adopting a teamwork mentality.  The ones that are here today are helping the ones that will be there tomorrow.  They know what its like to come in and have everything ready to press.  This method relieves them from having to immediately problem solve, allowing them to just begin.  Rather than becoming stagnant by starting with the hardest tasks they get the momentum going right away.  Because  of that fluidity in this experience they make sure to continue the cycle by creating a similar environment before they finish.  It is a never ending flow of effortlessness.  Or it aims to be, in reality nothing is ever “perfect” all of the time.

It’s the same team work mentality with morning and evening routines, except there is no team.  It’s just you.  So why wouldn’t you want to make sure you’re set up for success the next morning?

Well, it is easier said than done and to be honest I haven’t been the most helpful.  Sometimes I make it even harder for myself. Staying up later and reducing the amount of hours I get to sleep, not filling up my water for when I wake up dehydrated, not having my bags packed, throwing clothes on the floor to be picked up, leaving dishes in the sink.  These are all things that when I notice in the morning I get stressed about.  I cut into the time I allow for myself to relax before my day starts as I rush to get these things done.  It’s not a very kind practice.

By getting the little things done the night before I have noticed a reduction of anxiety I wasn’t necessarily even aware of in the first place.  I can truly enjoy myself and the rituals I have come to love in the morning even more.  I have found that by beginning the morning with a simple pleasure, like reading a chapter, sets the tone for the remainder of the day.  By preparing for the day the night before that simple pleasure is even more enjoyable.  There is less stress of having to get myself ready looming in the back of my mind.  Whenever I am feeling lazy the night before I negotiate with myself about what practices I am willing to take time from to prep in the morning.  That usually makes me get out of bed and spend the next 5-10 minutes getting it all done.  Also, helps me sleep a little better too!

Just as we aspire to be successful in our fields and do daily work to make sure we are as productive as possible and stay ahead of the demand (as much as that is possible) we can apply that same mindset to our daily lives.  By taking some extra time in the morning AND night to prepare, you can help yourself be more proactive opposed to reactive though out your day.